OARnet Operations During COVID-19

Image of a coronavirus

Updates to keep our client communities fully informed on OARnet activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID-19 Update

OARnet has instituted several measures to ensure our services are reliable and extensible to meet the changing needs of our communities because of the pandemic.

  • Most OARnet staff—beyond engineers required to make emergency installations and repairs—are working from home in compliance with State of Ohio and Ohio State University guidelines to minimize potential spread of the virus and to ensure workforce availability.
  • Those staff members required to work in the field are exercising proper precautions, such as minimal exposure and social distancing.
  • All systems are fully operational, and our communities should not experience any disruption in service because of the remote workforce. Our NOC remains open 24/7/365.
  • The Service Center, an online application for your organization to interact directly with our ticketing system and OARnet support, is available to clients. Portal features include the ability to comment on tickets, see immediate updates and submit requests. If you do not have access to the Service Center, contact OARnet support at support@oar.net.

  • If a client within any of our communities need to escalate emergency service requests, please contact the proper Client Service Relationship Manager:

    • Letha Butcher, State and Local Government and VMware (614-530-9739)
    • Ann Zimmerman, Higher Education and K-12 (614-582-4069)
    • Denis Walsh, Chief Relationship Officer (614-581-2440)

OARnet is committed to maintaining our high standard of quality service during the pandemic and demonstrating the flexibility required to meet any special service needs of our communities. Leadership at OARnet and the Ohio Department of Higher Education have been meeting virtually on a regular basis to consider strategy and tactics that best address our response to the ongoing emergency.