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ActiveMon logoActiveMon is an extensible and customizable software framework for generation and analysis of active measurements that can be used for routine network health monitoring. It supports various tools that measure network health metrics such as: route changes, delay, jitter, loss, bandwidth and MOS. Using a scalable scheduler called-"OnTimeMeasure", active measurements are initiated in a regulated and non-conflicting fashion between multiple measurement servers distributed at strategic points in a network. It also supports efficient measurement data storage and uses relevant statistical and visualization analyses coupled with alarm generation capabilities, to aid in determining end-to-end network performance bottlenecks along measured paths.

Framework Features:

Fig. 1 Deployment Architecture of ActiveMon as an

Fig. 1 Deployment Architecture of ActiveMon as an
advanced Network Measurement Infrastructure.

  • Data-Generator Module for an application-specific network measurement toolkit.
  • Central Data-Collector-Sanitizer Module to centrally collect and store sensible measurements data; E.g. this module avoids collecting ‘–ve’ Delay or MOS values, etc.
  • Optimized Database Schema to efficiently store massive amounts of measurement data with minimal redundancy; saves disk space and facilities quicker data mining.
  • Scalable Scheduler Module for handling network-wide on-going and on-demand measurements; scheduling supports regulation and prevents measurement conflicts due to resource sharing.
  • Alarm Generator Module digests, analyzes and generates alarms based on an efficient anomaly detection scheme that aims at minimum false-alarms; alarm notification via e-mail is supported.
  • Easily Customizable Visualization Module with tabular and network health Weather map interfaces; alarm-context sensitive coloring of measurements information is supported.
  • Security Configurations to avoid compromise of measurement infrastructure resources.

Project Lead and Developer:
Prasad Calyam

Other Developers:
Current: Phani Kumar Arava, Peter Jaegerson
Previous: Dima Krymskiy, Mukundan Sridharan

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