Purchase VMware

  1. Download Virtualization Order Form

    Please see below for Airwatch Order Forms. Among the fields on this form that you must complete is a Product Quote Tool that you will use to select the products and services you require and determine the associated costs. Your institution’s OARnet Client Service Representative can assist you in using the quote tool. 

  2. The Ohio End-User License Agreement (EULA) negotiated in the master VMware contract supersedes any click-to-accept EULA embedded in the software downloaded from VMware.

  3. Select Products

    Please visit the VMware products page to determine the products you are interested in purchasing.

  4. Issue a purchase order, interdepartmental transfer (IDT) or procurement card order. 
    Issue payment based upon the quote, and submit it with a completed and signed Virtualization Order Form by e-mail, fax or mail to OARnet.

  5. Submit your payment and Virtualization Order Form

    To submit by fax:
    Attn: Client Services Team

    To submit by mail:
    Attn: Client Services Team
    1224 Kinnear Rd.
    Columbus, OH 43212

    To submit by e-mail:
    Higher Education & OSU: vmware-higher-education@oar.net
    State of Ohio: vmware-stateofohio@oar.net
    K-12: vmware-k12@oar.net

Post Ordering

Once reviewed by an OARnet Client Services Representative, your order will be forwarded to VMware representatives, who then will provide you with the new product keys and download instructions. Once the orders and downloads have been completed, VMware will be directly responsible for providing you with product support (available through your VMware portal or by calling 1-877-486-9273).