Graphic: Two Computer Monitors side by side, a red video icon linking them
Become a Videoconference Hero

If you need a venue for a videoconference, consider using OARnet's pilot telepresence system located at 1224 Kinnear Road, Columbus.

An advanced form of videoconferencing, telepresence creates the illusion that meeting participants are all in the same room by using high-definition technology and a sophisticated array of hardware and software.

Telepresence systems can be elaborate and expensive, requiring a dedicated room with specific furniture, paint and lighting. Other, more basic telepresence systems require only moderate room preparation.

OARnet, which received a grant from the Ohio Board of Regents to investigate telepresence applications, actively supports the videoconferencing community through leadership roles in international conferences, support services for the Internet2 Commons, and ongoing research.

For more information on telepresence, please contact your client relationship representative or send an email to

H.323 Videoconferencing is offered through eTech Ohio. Click here for more information on accessing the Ohio Video Network.

Music to the ears...
The Cleveland Institute of Music performed the first live, bi-location concert in Ohio. Two musicians in Columbus and three in Cleveland performed together via a high-definition video stream, traveling at 10-30 megabits per second through Ohio's fiber-optic network. OARnet engineer's and researchers worked with an array of emerging network technologies to ensure the audio and video components of the concert met the stringent demands of the accomplished musicians.