Sponsored Education Group Participant (SEGP)

Ohio has a Sponsored Education Group Participant agreement with Internet2.

Internet2 recently changed the conditions of use for the Abilene (Internet2) network to allow an existing state network such as OARnet to connect non-Internet2 member schools to the Abilene network in a cost-effective way. The Sponsored Education Group Participant (SEGP) program allows OARnet members to engage in educational projects designed to take advantage of advanced networking infrastructure services.

All OSTEER member schools, except those that are regular Internet2 members or have a Carnegie Doctoral/Research-Extensive designation, are eligible to participate in the SEGP. Costs are $3000/year for the SEGP membership and an additional $137/mbps.


Ohio is one of 12 states nationwide to allow smaller schools to connect to the Abilene network through the SEGP agreement.

SEGP membership allows connection to the Abilene backbone network, but does not provide the privileges of full membership to Internet2 and its resources. Yet SEGP membership can allow institutions to participate on a smaller scale through a variety of project-oriented communications activities.

To enhance communication regarding projects taking advantage of the high performance capabilities of the Abilene network, as well as to encourage collaboration among SEGP institutions, Internet2 has created the K20 Initiative. Designed to engage innovators from all sectors of education in the development and deployment of advanced network services and applications, the K20 initiative serves as a conduit for projects and collaborations.

K20 Initiative Goals

K20 Initiative

The goals of the K20 Initiative are to:

Bring innovators in K12, community colleges, universities, libraries, and museums into appropriate regional, national, and international advanced networking efforts, via the SEGP process

Develop mechanisms for enabling quick, pervasive technology diffusion and transfer

Create mechanisms for timely communication across educational sectors and regions

Leverage and propagate Internet culture ("rough consensus and working code" involving a diverse range of parallel independent efforts) along with education, private sector, and government partnerships

Get interested and capable SEGPs and their communities connected to and properly engaged in existing Internet2 working groups and projects, and develop new working groups and projects based on expressed interests of SEGPs

Where there is interest and realistic opportunity, facilitate projects to explore the ways in which advanced network applications, services and digital content can extend access to education and educational resources and can enhance teaching and learning participation.

In order to participate in the K20 initiative an institution must be connected to the Abilene network. The best and most cost-effective way for Ohio schools to do this is through the SEGP program. Focus for the initiative is currently being developed through meetings bringing together innovators from the K-20 constituent groups including K-12, community colleges, universities, libraries, and museums.

Some of the proposed activities of the K20 initiative include:

  • Content Repositories (music, film, animation, art, history, coursework)
  • Video Services (H.323, interactive, multi-media, multicast, on-demand)
  • Shared Resources (scientific apparatus, telescopes, imaging, surgery)
  • E-content Distribution (server technology, caching, co-location, storage)
  • Learning Courseware (web content, streaming video)

As the K20 initiative evolves, other activities will be added and projects will be developed and refined.

If you are interested in becoming part of the SEGP, contact Ann Zimmerman, Client Services Manager, 614-292-9037.

Internet2 Membership Types


  • Internet 2 Regular member – proportionate share of expenses: FY07 $72,000/yr
  • SEGP Member - $3,000/yr + $137/mb/mo
  • Sponsored Participant –Arranged by sponsor

Proposed New member category with bursting option
Affiliate Member $3,000/yr + $137mb per mo with bursting option

  • Minimum 1mb/month for bursting option
  • Bursting Billed monthly for usage and port
  • Examples:  CIM, CIA

Note: OARnet Port fees apply to I2 bandwidth subscriptions

SEGP Institutions

  • Baldwin-Wallace College
  • Cedarville University 
  • Central State University
  • Cleveland Institute of Art 
  • Cleveland Institute of Music
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • College of Wooster
  • Denison University
  • Hebrew Union College 
  • Heidelberg College 
  • Hiram College
  • John Carroll University 
  • Medical College of Ohio
  • Miami University
  • Mount Union College
  • National Underground Railroad Freedom Center  
  • Oberlin College
  • Ohio Northern University
  • Otterbein College
  • Southern State Community College
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Rio Grande
  • Walsh University
  • Youngstown State University