Networking Tools

This directory contains download files of various shareware and freeware tools that network managers should find useful. Some links are pointers to the web/ftp sites maintained by the software's respective authors. Please note that OARtech does not in any way warrant the software to be error-free or suitable for a given application. You, the end-user, are responsible for securing license rights and paying any right-to-use fees to the authors of programs you use.

Downloadable utilities...
Secure Shell. Secure Shell - telnet,rsh,rcp replacement.
VNC. VNC - free remote control of Win9x, Win-NT, Win-2000, Linux, Unix, and even Apple.
Samba. Microsoft SMB-compatible file/print sharing for Linux/UNIX/et al.

Online Network tools... Traceroute from around the world! Tools for whois, rDNS lookup, etc. Network and Telecomm Tutorials.

Pointers to manufacturer sites...
Sniffer Basic (Now called Network General). A very cool software protocol analyzer for WIN-95.
Fluke Network tools. The LANmeter and similar devices.
Ghost. Hard drive cloning software (even handles Compaqs!).
Qbik Software WinGate. Connect a whole network through a single modem.
Red Hat's Linux. Incredibly diverse, almost-free, UNIX-inspired OS for Intel/Alpha/SPARC.